About Us

Welcome to PRL. Our goal is to take competitive eSports to the next level. We aim to provide the community with first-rate quality broadcasts and the smoothest tournaments around. Our staff works hard to ensure the community gets a top-tier experience in both watching, and participating in, Rocket League and Battlerite eSports tournaments. One of our main goals is to provide innovative broadcasts that keep the audience coming for more. We achieve this by constantly tweaking our production in an effort to provide something original to the scene and to ensure we are always changing the way people enjoy our streams.

We’ve provided our users with our own fresh and easy-to-use tournament platform that we are constantly updating. Numerous players, including well-known professionals, have given us praise for our website as well as the quality of our broadcasts.

We consistently strive to be the best at what we provide:

  • Fully customized tournament platform
  • High-quality Twitch broadcasts
  • Dedicated team of support staff
  • Content creation for the general community
  • Immediate payouts to tournament winners
  • Friendly and open community
  • Weekly tournaments for thousands of players and viewers
  • Team-finding through our community of players
  • Gaming tools to enhance tournament experience

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.